Primošten, Croatia

Primosten has a large number of typical narrow streets in the old town on a hilly peninsula. On the second peninsula, north of the center, there are the hotels, and marina Kremik is situated south of the center. Besides beautiful beaches, in the vicinity of the hotels, on the island Smokvica, there is also a nudist beach.

Primosten provides various opportunities for sport and recreation: tennis, table tennis, bowling, beach volleyball and sailing. There are sailing and diving schools. Guests can use 50 restaurants, taverns, etc. The local specialty is lobster à la Primosten. The discotheque Aurora near Primosten is the largest discotheque in Dalmatia.

30 villages and hamlets of Primosten Burnji, in the hinterland of Primosten, develop rural touristic offer: accommodation and traditional food (ham, cheese in olive oil, lamb, baked dishes, and macrobiotic food – chickpea, olive oil, lentils), and other traditional dishes combined with wine Babic. Vineyards have an official status of a monument to human efforts and their picture is in the lobby of the United Nations.

Following excursions are regularly organized: Primosten Wine road (sightseeing tour through the villages of Primosten Burnji), excursion to Krapanj (Museum of Sponge Collecting) and Zlarin (coral tours), etc. Primosten was originally an island. In the XVI century a bridge was constructed to connect a village on the island with mainland. The islet had two towers and walls pulled down at the end of XIX. Century. The parish church of St. George, built on top of the hill in the XV. Century was thoroughly reconstructed in 1760. There is the icon of Our Lady of Loreto with silver frame. A Baroque chapel, built in1790., is situated at the town entrance. The medieval church of St. Martin (tombstones on the cemetery) is situated in the hamlet of Krusevo, the church of St. Jerome from 1460. is situated in Široke and medieval church of St. George, which was later reconstructed, is situated in Prhovo.

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